St. Patrick’s holds Memorial Service for Aborted Children


Candles glow in the church as participants grieve the loss of aborted children and pray for healing for their families. Agnieszka Krawczynski / The B.C. Catholic.

Elizabeth Sutcliffe, Coordinator of Client Services at Hope for Women Pregnancy Services – a crisis pregnancy centre and the British Columbia Regional Coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, shared her story of shame, regret, and healing after an abortion 15 years ago.

She and her fiance‚ had moved in together to save money for their wedding and were five months away from the big day when she realized she was pregnant.

“I felt like all my dreams and hopes were crashing down. I couldn’t be pregnant in my wedding dress. What would my parents think? How was I going to tell them?”

Sutcliffe said fear drove her to go to a clinic. About six or seven weeks pregnant, she received one pill to take immediately, and another to take at home.

Memorial June1016

Pro-life activist and memorial organizer Stephanie Gray with Father Matthew To and speaker Elizabeth Sutcliffe.

Her child died and her body expelled it the next day. “I was alone in a corporate bathroom
in downtown Vancouver when my baby was aborted. That medical abortion is one of the most traumatic, because typically women are alone when it happens, as I was.” More 

By Agnieszka Krawczynski
The B.C. Catholic


Father’s Day After An Abortion

Father's Day Meme.png

Father’s Days allow us to focus in a special way on the unique experience of abortion loss suffered by men, and the personal costs and effects on marriage and family life. Father’s Day can be a painful and confusing time for many because it touches on a core issue of denial and repression of this loss…the rejection of the unique fatherhood of that unborn child who is missing from the family celebration. More

Research (Publications concerning Men rev Nov 2015) show how men can experience many negative effects after abortion.

Emotional Quicksand: The Hidden Pain of Men After Abortion

Michael Addis, Ph.D., writing in Atlantic magazine reveals a life threatening problem for men. You are probably thinking; prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes?

Dr. Addis writes of a different kind of disease that can strike men. This sickness lies deep in the recesses of the male psyche that features a self inflicted shame-based silence. This silence leaves men isolated and vulnerable to choosing death rather than revealing their secret areas of pain to a family member, colleague or friend. MORE